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Understanding Next.js Data Fetching Strategies

TL;DR 📝 If you're in a hurry and don't have time to read the blog, I have built a Next.js app ready for you to experience the different Next.js data fetching strategies. If you need the source code as well, do find it here and also here are some sho...Read more

Understanding call, apply and bind methods through polyfills

Introduction Knowing polyfills of well-known and most widely used JavaScript methods, makes any developer understand its working more deeply and helps to grow in his/her career. I am going to discuss some of them which include - call(), apply() and b...Read more

Access variables and functions even before initialization 😱: JavaScript Hoisting

Preface Before diving deep into this blog, I may assume that you had already read my blog on Javascript in action: Under the hood 🧐 and understood it for a better understanding of this blog. Making impossible possible 😎 How would you feel if you ge...Read more

Javascript in action: Under the hood 🧐

Javascript is a popular programming language with many peculiar behaviors which can sometimes blow your mind. But if you get to know how it works under the hood, you will just love it resulting in a master of it. To really understand its working, t...Read more

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